It’s Allantide again… if you fancy learning more about Halloween traditions in Cornwall, read my blog from October 2015 here:


Image by Kate Geraghty Image by Kate Geraghty

My first job in Cornwall was at Cornish Orchards in Duloe, working on the production room floor. It was hard work, pressing, bottling, pasteurizing and labeling juice and cider, but the fantastic camaraderie made the time pass quickly and my workmates gave me a crash course in Cornish life and Cornish humour for which I will always be grateful.

The best task I was given was during the first (and only) autumn I worked there. I was presented with a recipe, a box of oranges, a peeler, numerous bags of herbs and a hosepipe. I was then directed to a large heated vat, instructed to fill it with water and add the appropriate amounts of herbs according to the instructions and the peel from the box of oranges and stir. The result, some hours later, was a steaming cauldron of amazingly scented liquid, which was to…

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